A selection of what I've been putting into my body for the past few days. I'm being more adventurous, mixing more types of food and actual recipes. (you can follow my public diary if you use MyFitnessPal)

This is my breakfast of the moment! I look forward to it so much. This Total Greek yoghurt is literally like whipped cream. By now I've learnt to enjoy the sour flavours of food, I'm not sweetening anything, and this with the fruit tastes delicious and very sweet.

It's a banana, cup of blueberries and half a pot of yoghurt


A sample lunch. When I go to a cafe I have some sort of vegetarian salad. This was a mix of 3 from The Detox Kitchen: Green beans with pesto, rice with aubergine/onion/nuts, quinoa with veggies and nuts


Last weight-in was pretty dramatic, I did not expect to fall below 42kg...


Natural coconut water. Love.


I made this to take with me when I was working out all day on Wednesday. I get a little nervous when I know I won't have access to anything healthy/fresh for a long time, cause I need to be eating frequent small meals. I made a chicken drumstick (they have the most tender meat, I simmer them for over an hour with rosemary and garlic!), and put it in a sprouted bread sandwich with some coriander for flavor. In retrospect, brown bread would have been better cause this was very overwhelming.


My fridge is like a Plenish shop right now. I snack on cashew milk A LOT


Apple a pinch. This coffee shop literally had nothing else remotely healthy, even this is not really fresh but hey, it was better than the sparkling water option.


This was my Albion lunch. It's roasted chicken with lettuce. I ordered without mayo, I added a bit of olive oil instead. Carrot juice on the side


hope it gave you some ideas of delicious healthy meals : ) !