blowdry la

Well hello from the city of angels. I'm not doing too bad with the jetlag but not being able to communicate with my friends back home is killing me. I'm used to being on the phone all day, getting calls, receiving calls. The time difference is just silly, everybody's asleep when I'm awake, I can't speak to a soul.

I spent the morning fixing my phone, computer, camera, hair dryer, debit cards (still not working), and then went for a very much deserved Hollywood blowout in Robertson Boulevard. From there onwards my day was wonderful.

First impressions:

It looks, feels, smells just like Ibiza. And I LOVE that. Also just like ibiza, people don't seem to give a fuck if you look pretty. They don't honk, whistle, scream then crash their car into a phone booth like they do in London.

Tax sucks. And why is the total not listed on the label? I don't know how much things are until I've already bought them.

Everybody speaks Spanish!

I LOVE THE SHOPPING. OH MY GOD so much Summer stuff. A whole Zimmerman store!

There's a lot of donuts

Where is the real butter?

Now some usual i only have pics of changing rooms.

A gorgeous dress from BCBG (they were on a massive sale!! The dress was not though.)

bcbg labcbg la2beach bunny la2 Cute sandals at Beach Bunny beach bunny la Le Pain (I was heading to the Ivy but Le Pain is just such an easy choice)

le pain los angeles

And this was me today. White, all white

la day1 Tom Ford sunglasses, Tara Jarmon skirt, James Perse tank top (the perfect basic white fitted tank), Tkees flip flops, Louis Vuitton speedy 30

YES I found some Tkees! I've been wanting them for so long

tkees Tkees in Beach Pearl