Why abandon a theme when we can pursue it??

This is the ultimate pretty, bombshell/beach girl, Victoria's Secret va-boom glam-up: I call it the Britney. Because calendar girls..they can't be trusted, all that lighting and all those products that get touched up every three seconds and then photoshopped into oblivion... However, live performers are different.. That's a makeup going through makeup hell, subject to sweat, spotlights and candid photographs. That is what we need.

Seriously though, I like taking reference from Britney's heydays because we have a similar structure (heart shaped face, wide set eyes, hooded lids, transparent brows etc) so what they did on her works well on me. I also own all the products they used so I can duplicate them easily, and it's very longlasting. This is what I do if I need a no-shit, seriously-interested-in-this-guy face.

It's about defining all your features, eyes, face, lips, cheeks, together. A neutral but deep palette of colours: it's very tanned, very made up, the lips are kind of neo-nineties/quite prominent, the eyes are smoked, and despite the strength of it, it's very balanced with no harsh lines. It works beautifully in black and white photography.



This was my makeup for years when I discovered I could attract the opposite sex (aah..the novelty has worn off now) and I only had a little makeup bag with a few products. I distinctly remember going on a date with this guy I really liked, I think I was seventeen or eighteen, and he was hot, and I was all made up and pretty and at the end of the night I discovered he had come to the club on a bicycle at which point I was like WTF, how are you supposed to take me home on a bicycle so I called a taxi.

 Let's get started shall we?

Base: Clarins Liquid Bronze self tanner, Skinceuticals Retexturing Activator,

Foundation: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua #20, YSL Touche Eclat under eyes/around nose. The skin is the one thing that I always like fresh. But I am wearing more than I would usually, more foundation, and also Laura Mercier Mineral finishing powder to mattify.

Bronzer: This is super important. In this kind of makeup you would usually wear a sculpting blush, but I prefer my trusty NARS Casino. Cheekbones and temples, nose. You know, realistic tan.

Blush: Blush on top of bronzer of course. This makeup is all about MORE MORE MORE. I like NARS Gaiety, a pale pink which has quickly become my favourite. Before I discovered this I used Mata Hari.

Brows: Barely filled them in with Suqqu Pen. It's not about the brows at all

Eyes: An intense smokey, with all it's typical components...liner, shadow. YSL Waterproof eyeliner in Black winging it out, and smudging it under the eye. A natural brown shadow (I'm using Dior Rosy Tan quint mixing all the browns together). And then some black shadow on the outer V of the eye (Chanel Ebony), winging that out. You want to emphasize the wide-eyes. My eyes are really far apart already but I still do this. There is hardly any eyeshadow or liner in the inner corners of the eye, you wanna keep it all out.

Lips: Crucial part of this look is to get the lips right: A deep neutral is so feminine. Rosy with a brown base. Twig by MAC (the one most used by Britney) will be forever my staple. I'm also wearing C-Thru lipglass on top, because it's an infamous combo.

Should you want to duplicate Britney's 2003 makeup more faithfully, here is some namedropping- most of these products are now discontinued:

Base: This really varies but quite warm and quite full coverage with a lot of powder and Silver Dusk to highlight

Eyes: Variations of neutral colours (MAC Vanilla, White Frost, Format, Corduroy, Sprout) always mixed or lined with MAC Carbon, Contrast and MAC Smolder kohl

Blush: Peachy. Very bronze-looking. MAC Margin, Style, Reed to contour, Angel which is a bright pink.

Lips: Quite strong and brown-based for today's standards. Always lined with either MAC Spice or Oak which makes any nude lipstick much darker. Lipsticks were either deep toned nudes like MAC Twig (like in the Crazy video), MAC Viva Glam, brighter like MAC Diva, or pornstar nudes like MAC Myth and Gel. Always gloss on top in the form of Clear Lipglass, MAC Underage, MAC Purr, MAC C-Thru, or Juicy Tubes.

Happy Monday xxx