apr27 maciek portrait2 The thing about fashion is it takes spontaneous elements that it deems attractive, clings on to them and ruins them. Case in point, the coat over the shoulders, the bag held like a clutch, the hair inside your sweater- these are things that just happen sometimes. As soon as these acts become premeditated, they lose all spontaneity and therefore appeal. They're not fresh anymore.

But what can you do, when all your little ticks and gestures and ways of carrying things and wearing your hair are now taken?? Don't make it about them. These gestures were cool in the first place because a cool person was using them. A cool person with a life. When your life is based on copying cool person's gestures...that's not attractive. Fashion as a representation of itself, is not attractive. There's no meaning, no inspiration behind it, no authenticity, no soul. And then you've lost it.

I was talking to Maciek (hello!) who photographed me the other day, and he explained the appeal of a portrait photograph very succintly: It's about the subject. If you have an interesting subject, you will get an interesting picture. If the subject is dull, no matter how elaborate the wardrobe, the quality of the photograph and the pose, the portrait will be boring. You get a lot of this in the internet because the subjects are often not interesting, yet they wanna do fashion. But fashion selects fashion models precisely because they look interesting in anything and everything. In every item, from every angle and under every light. You take that out, and you got nothing. They make the item look desirable, not the other way round.

Photos (c) Maciek 2013