aug19 faded3 Splendid tank top, J Brand shorts, Ash boots, Agent Provocateur Love lingerie I've always been a fan of faded black denim- it's one of those things that looks ridiculous if you're very grunge to begin with, but with a stance like mine, it kind of balances you out. I am particularly loving this with the pearl necklace.

This is how it looks when you're doing your Tracy Anderson routine:

aug19 faded

Actually, this pose displays the booties perfectly: I love love love these. I'm wearing my Jalouse boots so much, I thought I would try this style (Spiral) which is practically identical, but with a wider front and a zipper, and even more comfortable. They look a little less sexy and are a little more casual but I think I prefer them.

Here are the favourite booties again, this time with my favourite combo of 2nd day (LOVE THIS) drapey racerback tank and wildfox jeans. It's been boiling hot over here, we've lived in the park in our bikinis throwing wine water over ourselves.

My bag is Ted Baker from ages ago, I love it, it washes very nicely. I love great canvas bags.

aug19 wildfox

aug19 wildfox2

Me & Julie are competing over who has the shortest shorts right now.

Now some park action in Primrose Hill with T the usual suspect and our theatre friend D who joined us.


Guy I
What are you girls having? Hey. What are you drinking?

Blueberry Bourbon, we already got it

Guy I
You girls look like you need a Godfather. What are your plans?

I'm getting a cab and going home

We're just gonna finish our drink

Guy I
I don't mean to intrude. Can I sit with you girls?


But you can be our Godfather. You buy our drinks, we leave, and we will remember you at a later date