Eye cosmetics: the 60s banana.

I always get teased when I go into makeup nerd mode. Because a) I don't work in makeup b) people can't explain why I have so much makeup and yet it never looks like I wear any. But I DO!

So today I was reading the September Vogue, and there's quite a spread on 60s bananas (again). This is something I have worn before but I haven't really gotten comfortable with. I usually just put a load of black on the crease and call it a day. It's become so much easier with the Chanel cake eyeliner (any other cake eyeliner would do, I suppose). I'll explain what I do if anyone needs the help or just wants to share the frustration.


Basically I draw a line with cake eyeliner where the crease would go. I have an "asian" crease as we call it in Spain which means it's not there. But you draw it anyway. It doesn't matter if it's too thick or not the right shape. Then you take a pointy q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover and clean up the shape from underneath. This is so much easier than it sounds. Half moon motions. I like the banana to be quite open.

THEN you get the cake eyeliner DRY and with a tiny pointy brush (I'm using a little Stila rounded pointy eyeliner brush), you draw over the line to soften it. This also softens mistakes and makes it look like you wanted it to look like that: "cool" and "modern" and a little scruffy. Which incidentally, we do.



Then I went crazy drawing lashes underneath. I draw lashes. I can't help it.


Tips from fans of the cut crease are very welcome