Evening show at the Waterrats

I'm doing well taking photos. We'll see what happens in Winter when there's NO light after 4pm. Because I have no life before 4.


Beaded cape - Vintage
Tank top - American Apparel
Shorts - Siwy
Belt - Levis vintage

This is me today/this evening. It was only 6pm so I did the expected daytime shorts/belt/tank top and then added a little cape and heels. I've been wanting to wear this cape for ever and i never can, cause it's usually too cold and you can't put a jacket over it. Heels- yes. Never go out in flats. It's not cool and I wouldn't be at a suitable height to see people's faces, or talk to them.

Check out my crystal nails still going strong...Sandals are from ibiza and they are breaking out nicely. The first time I wore them they gave me some painful blisters and I could only wear flip flops until pretty much now. So today I decided to submerge my foot in vaseline to prevent any further rubbing - which explains the white cream spilling out from the sandal. Rather safe than sorry. (It worked beautifully. I didn't need a walking support group this time)




Earrings : Talisman Gallery.



Makeup time:
Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation in Natural Beige. Classic Beige used as a bronzer on nose, cheeks. This is an excellent combo
MAC Woodwinked on lid, Tempting on crease. YSL brown waterproof eyeliner pencil on top lid. Standard Summer eyes..I forget just how effective MAC shadows are. They just last.
Bobbi Brown Tulle Brown lipstick on lips. I've been really boring and wearing this all the time.

And now for the post-party mayhem..

I say so sarcastically, as i say most things.


I realised in the taxi on the way home that I had taken my glass of beer with me. You'd think the taxi driver would have said something.

Favourite drink in the pub: beer/lemonade which in Ibiza we call a Shandy- surprisingly, here too! I just discovered this. It's far nicer than beer, which i don't like by itself, and it's the right "look" for a pub. You don't wanna be drinking, say, a chocolate martini. You don't get taken seriously. Even a glass of wine is kind of fiddly in a crowd. Beer spill- fine. Wine stain - entirely different. Also beer doesn't dry sticky, I have experience you see

I get more alcohol thrown on me than down my throat.


Quotes of the night (back home):

Who is this girl on facebook? Oh i know who this girl is, I've slept with her

Of course you have. You've slept with everyone

No I don't do that anymore. Now I press flowers and write poetry

I love pressing flowers!

You know how when you were new on facebook you just added people because they added you and you didn't wanna have an embarrasing 10 friends? that's how I got all these randoms.

Yea. But also, you have them cause you've slept with them

Well yea