nov16 me

nov16 boots

Turtleneck: Joseph (similar), Leggings: Helmut Lang, Boots: Stuart Weitzman (also here, here and UK here)

Here I am very happy wearing my new up-to-the-crotch boots...I won't lie, I only went out for a drink an apple juice because I wanted to wear them so bad, and it's been raining and I couldn't but today was lo-ve-ly and suede-friendly.

My day-wear was as follows:

nov16 coat

Coat: Zara, Boots: Rag & Bone

This is my new songwriting area that I have arranged in my bedroom, like an oasis in the midst of fashion chaos, isn't it? I suck as a hostess. I want to treat my musicians well and offer them refreshments, but it's still a work in progress. Ideally I would have a tray with bites of watermelon, finger sandwiches and the odd godiva truffle. That is the intention; reality however is starving them with green tea. I do have food but it's all so inappropriate. I can't offer peanut butter and lemons, not even celery sticks or tofu. And men are uncomfortable around bananas and magnum ice lollies. Next. I LOVE MY NEW UNDERWEAR SET. Get it (link!) It's perfection.

nov16 agent provocateur ambrose

Surprisingly, because I haven't found anything i liked from Agent Provocateur in ages. It's like nothing of what they're putting out is even remotely wearable- what happened?  They were doing so well with their Classics range, then they go and discontinue half of it. And come out with these...these costumes that are like, bits of stringy mesh sewn together in funny ways. They look so...sharp. Is anything NOT a 1/4 cup this season...?

I've never understood the idea of "special occasion underwear". Rule of thumb: If it's too delicate to wear during the day, it's definitely too delicate to wear at night and/or if someone is potentially going to touch you. My now-defunct body jewellery proves this point. So what is it for, snapchat? All those straps and cutouts everywhere are a disaster waiting to snag, and God knows I like my lace, but the fragility of their designs is reaching the absurd.

On to happier, shiny things

nov16 isabel marant

I love this scarf! I haven't showed you yet what I got from the Isabel Marant pour H&M collection; I totally went, but not before the store opened, so there was hardly anything left...It's now all on ebay as usual. Nevertheless, I got some good stuff : ) I have to try it on and take pictures.