sep8 moccasines

It's nice to go from Summer to Autumn in a few hours. It makes it all a little better. So today i took off my bikini and i put on some warmer clothes. That's entirely a lie- I'm in a bikini and today I wore shorts. But I did add a couple of London-appropriate things. Moccasines from Bottega Venetta - just kidding - they are handmade by a woman who's amazing, in Ibiza. They are so grandpa-chic.

i say so with the most deliberate sarcasm. They're only moccasines.

Oh hai

sep8 balenciaga cassis 1 Yes; I am carrying the equivalent of a Kir Royal in bag form. This is my newly adopted Balenciaga Cassis. She is intoxicating

sep8 balenciagacassis 11sep8balenciagacassis 12

What else is new?

I have these sunglasses that take me one step closer to being John Lennon (currently listening to Revolver. I'm so cheesy. Dump me)

sep9 oliverpeoples sheldrake

And I'm halfway through 50 Shades of Grey that i started yesterday at the airport...(yesterday?) I don't really know what day I'm in. But anyway I'm on it, and perplexed as ever as to why this would be a good idea- I wanna murder both characters, slowly, with their own equipment, they are so intensely dull. I'm starting to add Holy Cow to my vocabulary. I'm gonna make it my safeword.

I came across some pretty funny and insightful reviews if anybody's in and interested:



My friend just tweeted a photo of him drinking from my inner Goddess cup, we are so in tune.

I'm off to Amsterdam after fashion week. Who's from there? Who has recs?