Drag me out of the funny t shirt department


T-shirt by Zoe Karssen (here it is in tank form)

Here's a little recap on the t-shirts I had on rotation this week. It's nice in Winter because you can wear them under sweaters, and then nobody can tell just how delusional you are.

Obsessed with this shirt. Hilarious.

I always picture tees with some graphic eyeliner so I went for a cat eye.



Next is a mermaid dance. (Mermaids do the hawaiian dance, right?)



T shirt by Queen of the Goblins. This is happening dude

Next is a t shirt I bought when I was under the influence of the God of mojitos. Therefore, a little obvious, but hey- LILAC + TURQUOISE is always a winning combination, especially for a blondie.



T shirt by Local Celebrity

What t shirt are YOU wearing? x