Top & Bottoms: Stella McCartney for Adidas

It's been a while since I did a body review, my health was all over the place for a while and I had to wait for it to settle down. I lost a lot of weight very quickly, not by choice, but now that it's over and done, I feel so much better skinny, the experience has taught me a lot and I'm sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

There have been many major changes. The dietary I have been documenting fairly regularly: I'm basically eating whole foods, no processed, no sugar, little meat and small quantities. With just this change I went down from 47 to 41kg in a matter of weeks.

At the same time I stopped exercising; I'm now slowly incorporating a routine. And I've found that by eating less and better, you really don't need much exercise at all to look fit. However I do need it to keep my spine straight and my muscles relaxed, so I do 25min of yoga almost every day, and then whenever I feel like it I'll do a couple of Ballet Beautiful Body Blasts. I've recently started doing the 60min full body workout as well, just maybe twice a week. I'm loving Ballet Beautiful, it's very easy to do, it's enjoyable, it doesn't feel so much like a task. It keeps you stretching a lot, and strong and lean. I can barely do the actual ballet moves in the cardio section but it keeps you challenged and it keeps you moving.

All in all, the combination of diet, philosophy and light exercise is working really well for me. You'll see one big difference due to the weightloss- my behind has practically disappeared! It's a strange feeling that I don't have much to sit on. But that's cool, I'm enjoying being thin for the moment, I'm not obsessing over it.