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I wanted to document what I'm wearing today because I don't wear skirts very often, I'm always trying to wear them more. I think they look very feminine and sophisticated, but I just find them super hard to combine. And I have so many good ones. This is by Ann Demeulemeester and it's very simple, with a fantastic bias-cut and a little tail, and moves to the so

jan10 skirts ann demeuleester

I almost fell on my face after this picture haha fun times. Oh, the stunts I do for ya.

I have a cold and have been feeling pretty shit so I'm not doing much, I went to Whole Foods and to sign up at the doctor in my "new" area. I guess not so new anymore but I haven't gotten around it yet, it took me calling like thirty different practices (from the ones recommended for my postcode) until one would take me. So I kept trying and giving up...

My friend from LA recommended me this herbal tea called Throat Coat which is actually really famous but I had never tried it. I really like it! Really good idea for singers.

Look what I received this morning!!! The one and only Barbarella earrings from Anton Heunis

jan9 anton heunis barbarella2

Aren't they made for me : )??  I really like the brand and they've been wonderful to me if I've ever needed to borrow a piece for events.


I was talking to a friend today about some books and I realised, anything that's too good I tend to leave unfinished. Be it books, food or relationships. I don't wanna spoil it, I don't want it to end. So I kind of...leave it there and start something else and that's a really frightening habit.


I leave you with "The Ministry of Silly Walks", a sketch from Monty Python I discovered via my cousin (I had never seen it for some reason) and that is hilarious



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