Dear House of Fraser

What is UP with your online website photos??

This model is standing for a mugshot:


And should've put her shoulders back, even for a mugshot, really.

This stylist didn't realise that the frills are meant to lie on the shoulder. Not gathered on the NECK! That looks very very wrong.


Frills + big curly 80s hair = FAIL. And the hipster glasses? is she wearing sneakers?


This model looks like she has no idea where the camera is. But what really gets to me is her posture.


I don't even know what this girl is up to. I refuse to refer to them as "models" anymore. And the stylist has to be sacked. The hair, the pose, the makeup, the skirt, the WEDGES!


Finally, this photographer had no intention of showing us how that cardigan looks like. I can't even see it.


This is Biba and Ralph Lauren, and these are the first pictures I clicked onto; there's probably even worse ones. I wonder if these companies know how their clothes are being displayed. I find these pictures very troubling.