Top: Vince // Skirt: Isabel Marant // Shoes: Ancient Greek Sandals // Lunettes: Prism // Bag: Chanel // Jewelery: Monica Vinader

My last day before I left Spain...The sweater is only present because the aircon in places is UNREAL. We're 38ºC outside, and then you go into a bus and it's literally 12ºC, I do not see the necessity of that. I'm against aircon, period, I'm a singer, aircon is my nemesis, it kills my throat in ten minutes flat.

I had this little bandana dress finally altered and I wanted to wear it right away, I've had it for ages but it was too big. It's from Lily Allen's Lucy in Disguise collection, but I kind of like that fact that Chanel has been doing this for Pre-fall too, I won't lie : ) I really like it, I'm getting into dresses.


Dress: Lucy in Disguise(similar here and here)/ Luggage: Bric's // Bag: Chanel

I got a new cabin trolley, I looked absolutely everywhere and (short of getting a Louis Vuitton Eole) this was the best. It's soft and light, and you can get in and out of it easily. Which is a must if you're traveling with these european airlines like Easyjet where you have to be carrying only one item with you, but at the same time they're making you stand in queues all the time, so everything you wanna be using while you wait has to be in the suitcase but easily accessible. It's a freaking nightmare- I've lost so many things because I can't possibly carry it all in my hands and they don't let me carry a handbag. This makes it a bit more convenient cause it's like a purse on wheels, you can just slip things in and out of the pockets real quick. Not affiliated but I really recommend! I've always been a fan of Bric's. And I thought the bright coral and leather combo was super chic.

(it's also available in suede-like baby PINK! sooo cute)