aug22 burgundy

aug23 burgundy2

Oh grey and burgundy, what a fabulous combination!!! I'm getting into my jeweled tones, again. I think it's that time of the year, or maybe just London being London.

These leggings are kind of interesting, they feel like a soft layer of latex and they look really cool. Plus they have pockets so you can put gum in them, or a tampon, or whatever it is that you like carrying in your pocket. I am partial to tissues.

I was glad to see that the weather was a bit crappy today because I couldn't wait to wear this Kooples blazer. I adore these jackets, you know why? They are just like men's jackets, you can do that thing where you slip your iphone in the breast pocket just like James Bond. Walk around with one hand in a pocket, the wallet in the other pocket, the passport in a different pocket... there are SO MANY POCKETS! Did I mention the fit? Wow, I am really blowing off my chances of ever getting paid to promote this company.

I'm gonna wear this all again tomorrow.

PS- I'm bringing sexy mcQueen back. It's been what, almost ten years since anyone of any interest wore these scarves? A fashion cycle if I ever saw one.


Just dropping by...Wanna go for a coffee?

Sure...I have 50p

Rock n roll, uh?


Hm that's interesting what you're playing. Change the rhythm, make it faster

[stops] This is what I hate about musicians. Any other girl is like "wooow you're amaaazing"