I got these pictures back that we shot a month ago. I really like them, we were experimenting with coloured gels in this big warehouse space, which was very cold but very cool to shoot in. It was my first time using coloured lights and I loved it! Obviously in person you don't see anything because the light only flashes with the flash, but the result is gorgeous and strange and a little bit sci fi. The studded trench and the red mongolian fur coat both worked very well in this environment.

I decided to do a makeup that was very fresh and a little bit grunge, with strong brows and kohl-rimmed eyes in taupe-grape shades. I had MAC Face & Body on my legs which made a huuge difference, they looked airbrushed.

As for the hair, it was way too clean and I spent a lot of time trying to mess it up and spritzing it with Dry Texturizing spray. The bun was good for the trench, it has that rock/demure paradox, and the messy/dirty style went well with the fur in an after-party sort of way.

I use myself as the subject for almost every piece of art I produce, and I've found that I get the best results when I am myself as much as I can be, so I like wearing my clothes, and doing my makeup all in a way that is very natural to me- natural is always better. I've always admired the portraits from the 50-60s, of Bardot and Marilyn and all these girls and the one thing they have in common -and i think the reason why they exude their character so powerfully - is that they did their own "look", and that's what's iconic about a person is when they are themselves.

And when I speak of being oneself, I'm of course referring to being the version of oneself that you wanna be, even if you've had to create it like Marilyn or Dita von Teese did. That creation came from within themselves, they "made" themselves. Most people do. You explore within yourself and find that one trait that you absolutely love and that makes you the happiest and that you can identify with, that empowers you, and you work on it and you amplify it and then get yourself with a bang : )

Hope you like'em!

Ph. Jack Buster Chamberlain