Chronological London

Highlights of this trip:- I've been shocked - I've been dumped - I've been sad - I've cried - I've drank wine. - I've stood up with a little help from my friends - I've drank martinis - I've drank a strange raw cucumber and rum beverage - I've slept home - I've slept in other rockstar's homes - I've been happy - I've followed orders - I've been featured in naughty photographs - I've been threatened to get sued for 18k - I've managed to get out of trouble - I've been approached by the gang of horny bald guys in the District line - I've met the twin i share with Natalie Portman in Camden and she even spoke to me - I've sang everyday and performed live - I've walked out in the cold with a sparkly velvet jacket

And it's only been 18 days..