This year has been effervescent.

I have

- Shared my songs...evolved from rock to Tarantino to end with the piano

- Gotten sick and then healed, by magic

- Recorded at Konk, at The Dairy

- Confirmed that my producer was a nutcase and he wanted to kill me

- Lived sober, and lost many "friends"

- Incorporated yoga and meditation to my mornings, every day

- Detached. From stuff, from people, from the internet

- Become fearless. In friendships, in love, in work

- Learnt to ask for help and getting used to it

- Lost my mom to an illness. Found her

- Started to play shows for an audience, and loved every minute of it

- Become interested in cooking and nutrition. Fed myself

- Faced my past demons, beat them

- Managed to make myself feel..torture, love, rage

- Fell in love again, when I thought it was all but a memory. And love is no longer codependency (Read: Don't Call it Love: Love Addiction)

- Moved East, and the circle is complete, as that old lady predicted two years ago at Claudia's party




Please do share your reflections! I'd love to know. Happy New Year x