Not a very balanced collection of pictures, but this is what we have! dec28_valencia2

Fur: Vintage // Scarf: Beck Sonder Gaard // Bag: Chanel (also similar here)



After it became evident that the climate although sunny, was not leather-jacket-friendly, I promptly borrowed my mom's white mink. And never looked back


Coat: Vintage // Top: Primark // Leggings: Helmut // Shoes: Church (similar)

I'm pretty proud of my Church brogues, a sales find. They are everything. I feel like a dandy.

This is our typical Christmas lunch (other than the stuffed turkey which we had the previous day). It's "cocido", a sort of roast and we do it with meatballs. I love it!


And the Christmas sweets..turrón, polvorones..



I'm bored out of my mind 60% of the time during Christmas at my parent's. I even had time to curl my hair with a GHD. And then produce a roll of cliche selfies. I swear my GHD does not work for curling hair! I don't know what magic my sister's one has


dec28_iphone2   dec28_iphone6 We went to the theatre one day.. dec28_iphone8

Dress: Chanel // Boots: Stuart Weitzman // Bag: Chanel

I met Alex a couple of times..I miss her so!dec28_iphone7

We went to a japanese...


Sunglasses: Roberto Cavalli (similar)