feb3-doc-martens-cherry-red Equipment shirt (similar, embellished, plain), Jbrand jeans (UK here), Marant belt, Dr.Martens shoes (here in black), Celine bag

I'm trying my best to not look hungover but I had the craziest couple of days.

I love my new pair of red cherry Doc martens : ) how did it take me so long to get ones?? They are soo comfortable, a really great shoe to walk a lot through uneven pavements as is my reality lately.

I went to see my friends play today in Soho, bathroom outfit of the day

feb3 avalonfeb3 lipsticks feb3 lipstick

I'm OBSESSED with this song. Djs are playing it all over the it

This was me yesterday, dinner/drinks/club situation, Shoreditch. Drink of the day: Blueberry Bourbon as you might have seen via Instagram; my Instagram is really active these days!

feb3 shoreditch

Zara shirt, Wolford bodysuit, The Kooples skirt, Lanvin bag, Wang boots

feb3 oscar wilde


I'm currently reading two books on addiction and it's really interesting to study how and why that happens; all addictions have addictive personality in common and the cause and effect are all very similar - and sad.

feb5 quote truth