dec6 plate

I believe The Cheeky Parlour is part of the Shoreditch House group, and is a sort of express beauty location where you can have a bite, a blowdry and a manicure. I had heard about it and wanted to pop by so it was great timing. The beauty treatments were excellent, but I was mostly surprised by the food. It was amazing. They have the most delicious bakery!

dec6 cakesdec6 cheekydec6 fruta

Logitech was presenting their iPad cases, they had a great selection of cool, substantial cases, with and without a keyboard. I was particularly interested in the ones with the keyboard, I wanted to get one. I ended up choosing the one in white lacquer, which literally snaps on with a magnet and works beautifully. The keyboard is "clicky" like you want it, and even the rubber ones are a really nice velvety rubber.

dec6 logitech

Here I am after breakfast getting my hair ready for the day. I came in with freshly washed hair but they can also wash it there for you. I chose a retro waves style :)

dec7 hair5dec6 blonde4dec6 hairdec6 hair2

And the question remains..what was I wearing? Well, my darlings, it's been a hell of a lot of Marant here lately and the progression is obvious: I got a skirt. It's soo beautiful, I love it, it works so well with everything. Was I living under a rock? How could my life ever feel complete with so little Marant action in my wardrobe?

dec6 flash

Top: All Saints, Skirt: Isabel Marant (here in blue), Boots: Isabel Marant pour H&M (similar), Bag: Proenza Schouler, Jewellery: Isabel Marant pour H&M (similar)

dec6 mirrordec6 mirror2

The bathroom was so cute, they had blackboard all around the toilet walls. I of course chose to draw a picture of me:

dec6 tizas

This is the card you get when you go in and have the treatments/food. It's all so cute.

dec6 cheeky8

I got a manicure, i chose black with a taupe triangle on the middle nail. The ring finger who..? It's all about the middle finger...

dec6 nails

My friend got a triangle on hers too after seeing mine :)

dec6 pinkdec6 candydec6 cheeky2

C'est fini! Thank you so much Logitech for inviting me! It was so fun to meet you girls and I had a blast.