I was invited to  sample sale yesterday for TSE cashmere. I thought long and hard if it was worth it, I'm soo busy, but it was local and I've been thinking of getting good sweaters for a while, so I headed over, I'm so glad I did! The pieces were absolutely gorgeous, the price-drops quite unbelievable, anything from 60 to 95% off...and there were so many of these ice cream pastel colours that I'm in love with, the shade palette that has been popping up in all the SS15 runways. The slightly dull colours, light blue-lilac-grey, creamy buttercup, pastel pinks...

Ideally I would have gotten a lot more stuff, but cashmere is not cheap, and even at 75% some self-control is in order.

This is what I procured myself..

This is the first one that got my attention, I gravitated to it like a cowboy to trouble - I've been gushing over the sweaters from Ryan Roche, trying to convince my friends to buy them so I can live vicarously through them etc, and when I saw this it was like, YES! luxury meets Wildfox, the perfect shaggy sexy jumper in this perfect shade of cloudy blue. It's like the rainbow for grown ups. You can tell just how cosy this feels



My second love was unexplained, it's one of those that in theory I would not like, because yellow is not a color I go for, but there was something about this sunny buttercup and the design on the back that won me over immediately. It's also the cosiest knit ever, so I think it's a worthwhile investment.


As Yerani described it on Instagram, like a sand dollar for a mermaid, Love it!


Also got this skirt, I've been wanting a basic gorgeous mini skirt that sits on my waist and this one in silk is perfect. And for 29 pounds I didn't have to think twice.



The one that got away...I begged to the guy at the cash register to give me more discount : P He did not conceed. oh well.


What I like most about cashmere fabric is the comfort. Often you find with more luxurious things that their main selling point is that they make life easier, that's what luxury is about for me. So in a brand like TSE or Chloe, what you immediately notice is that the pieces are incredibly soft, extremely light and fluffy...even the coats were just so soft and light. You don't get that from the high street, or even from brands who are marketed as very high-end (AHEM ACNE) and who produce stuff that's so bulky and rough and just very uncomfortable! That for me is not worth it, I want to be able to move in my skin, restriction in my world should be limited to corsets and maybe stilettos.

I found a website with really good information on cashmere and how to care for it: Link! I agree with everything, and I have no trouble washing my cashmere pieces.

See lots of sweater options here

And here are some of my picks...