Coat: Isabel Marant // Sweater: Vince // Top: Helmut Lang // Leather Skirt: Alexander Wang // Shoes: Isabel Marant // Nails: YSL Bleu Majorelle

Happy Saturday! My Internet is down at home and it's taking me forever to find the time to go to a cafe and get online. I'm at the studio using the guy's wi-fi while they go on a cigarette break.

I took these pics yesterday. I'm still pretty obsessed with my mini leather skirt, and now that the weather is Spring-like even more so.  Never taking it off! need more!

My hair is loaded up with Oribe Dry Texturising Spray, this is third day awesomeness. I've come across a good system for my currently dead-straight ends, which is: curl in small sections with a 1 1/2 inch curling iron, spray a load of thickening spray on it, then spray Oribe Apres Beach or Dry Texturising (the first is more shiny, the second is matt), and then put it in a bun. The curl only lasts for like an hour but the hair remains with good volume and movement until you wash it next if you keep spraying it every day with the stuff. I even brush it through every morning and it stays in good shape. Since this is way more high mantenaince than I am accustomed to, I only do it twice a week. I'll try to film a video! I know a lot of people wanna see it but I need to get a light first.