oct11 camilla

There's a really good deal at My-Wardrobe right now, if you enter the code WINTER30 you get a 30% discount out of all their Winter Essentials (including classic Acne Pistol boots, Joseph leather leggings and ACNE shearling jackets!). I got these Camilla Skovgaard boots, I've always wanted this style and at 30% for classic black I couldn't resist. I've worn my wedge Skovgaard heels loads and I love them, so comfortable. I really recommend her wedges.

In other news, we went to Haché in Camden the other day, they make AMAZING burgers (and salads!) I had the cheeseburger and I ate it ALL. My sister is a little bit addicted to the sweet potato fries, personally I like regular fries.

oct11 burger

Today I wore Giorgio Armani lip maestro in #400 (and nothing else). This is a true blue-red, it's gorgeous and the one that sells out quicker. Personally, I'm a bit tired of these reds I have so many, but I do love it and it's the most flattering with a bare face. The darker the better, really.

oct11 eyes

My first halloween pumpkin! Chocolate version (from whole foods)

oct11 chocolate pumpkin