may21 brushes

I never mention the brushes that I use, and I thought I should since I talk about beauty products all the time and the right tool makes all the difference. There are still so many brands I haven't tried, I tend to stick to the ones that I can see/touch and buy in person.

Above, the brushes I have in my brush pot right now

Down below, my essentials:

may21 favorite brushes

From left to right:

1. MAC 224: This is a standard one for blending, but I like to use it to apply loose powder with precision, just under the eyes, nose, middle of forehead

2. Bobbi Brown Eyeliner brush is my favourite for gel eyeliner

3. Louise Young LY38B: For the crease, quite a precise one

4. Louise Young LY13:  A good one to smudge eyeliner around the eye. Small but soft

5. Louise Young LY38: This is the one I absolutely can't live without, I use it to apply and blend powder eyeshadow. It's a crease brush but it's very soft and blends beautifully. I just got another one of these so I can use one clean for blending.

6. MAC 217 is my staple for cream eyeshadow, although I wish I could find something smaller and longer, like the LY38 but in synthetic bristles to be honest.

7. Louise Young LY04: This is the best brush for bronzer/blush/powder I've found and I have two of them so I use one for powder, one for bronzer. It's perfect for my face, super soft, not too big, not too small, and really fluffy so not too densely packed. It's easy to add and blend color gradually without making stripes all over your face.

8. MAC 188 Lastly this is the one I use if I have to contour with cream products - so basically, I use it with Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate compact. Which I don't use that often to be honest, but I have to have the brush out just in case.

Without a doubt my favourites are the Louise Young collection, they are fantastic. The only thing is- what's up with the handles chipping?? is it only me?? The thin ones especially chip in a matter of weeks, one of my brushes you can barely use it, it's so chipped, and the wood underneath it is not nice at all, it's all rough and itchy. They  have to sort that out.

(Louise Young can be found in Nordstrom in the US, and Selfridges in the UK)