nov12 boots

This was the situation today. I'm finally wearing the Reserve boots, an appropriate name given the fact that I had to reserve these like eight months before they became available to me. They are awesome, very wearable.

My coat is this milky taupe robe from Zara (link!), that I am really enjoying. It's unlined so quite thin, but nothing that can't be fixed with a couple of cashmere layers under it. I like these sort of coats with something a little rockier underneath, it works really well with thigh-highs for example.

nov13 boots coat

Ah there is my gym bag, ever present. I've had to re-asses the way I carry bags because nowadays I'm carrying that bag with me almost every day, so you don't wanna carry a big handbag as well. Which gives new life to my small handbags. It is now possible for me to carry around a small bag, and decant the big stuff in the Stella McCartney one. More about yoga later, I wanna talk clothes, life-changes, everything! I've pretty much shifted my exercise to yoga recently, which may or may not continue for ever.

I was talking to my friend about sweaters and coats earlier today. I want to show you more of what I'm wearing, but since these are items you might wanna start looking at right now, here is an edit, a preview if you will...I personally am loving a base of light cashmere with a long open cardigan on top; thigh high boots and leggings. That is the vision! Here's a small selection of favourites for your perusal: