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I felt like I had to precede the post with one of my favourite quotes. How is everybody doing this fine evening?

I'm good too. I couldn't believe it today when I found these boots in stock, I was starting to think they were more of a myth than a reality!

nov7 boots2

They are so hot. Hot in a down-to-earth way, you know? Like I can wear them in a nonchalant way, whereas with the stiletto Gianvitto Rossi or Louboutin, it's more like "I'm here, confetti please". I'll take a picture of them when I'm out and about wearing them, if I can get whoever I'm with to take his hands off me for long enough to hold a camera.

They have them in all these places but they are out of stock pretty much all the time so you gotta keep checking:

My leggings are by Helmut Lang, they are on sale here, (UK here and here) and they are GREAT, thick substantial fabric, stretchy enough, I'm wearing a size P.

On another note, I wanted to let you know about this thing QCUMBER is doing at the moment- Until the 10th of November, for each jumper you buy they give fruit and a jumper to a homeless person.

I deemed this a good idea so here I am in fruity total-look. I chose the pinneapples, for obvious reasons.

nov7 qcumber3

You can get a jumper like mine here.

I leave you with a very true quote I came across this afternoon:

nov7 taza