Boho Colours


Coat: Isabel Marant // Scarf: Isabel Marant (similar) // Sweater: Vince // Shorts: Ksubi // Boots: Saint Laurent // Bag: Saint Laurent

How's everybody doing this fine Thursday evening?

These are the Velvet Deluxe tights from Wolford, more sheer than the Mat Opaque, and it looks like also a bit more fragile (prefer the others). I will say, these make your legs look really toned. My legs are o k a y, but nothing extraordinary. They don't look like my picture is what I'm trying to say.

I hate to be showcasing this coat so much because I can't recommend anything remotely similar and it's sold out! But I love it : ) Anything by Marant does the trick, I find. It's just adding that piece over a simple outfit...She has such great jackets.

Can you believe how much volume my hair has? It's all due to Oribe Apres Beach. It does this thing to your hair where it looks lived-in and cool for days, with not an inch of grease (that's my pet peeve, I can't do greasy hair at all). That stuff works equally good on straight, uncurled hair, like my hair right's so straight. I even tried to curl it the natural way by twisting it tight in a bun with a scrunchie, and this is all the movement I got. Can you believe it? I can't even remember when I had the brazilian last, but that thing has serious accumulative power. Poker straight hair forever dudettes : /