dec7-sports2 Jacket: Moncler, Leggings: Helmut Lang, Sneakers: Isabel Marant , Scarf: Isabel Marant pour H&M, Bag: Proenza

You guys know I was never, and never will be, into sports luxe. Sports bohemian however, is something I'm really getting into! Save the google search, I just made that term up.

This style results when you wear a lot of Isabel Marant on your way to yoga. God knows I love the hippy child in me, and I also love yoga so this seems like a natural progress.

With all the running around to the gym and back I've been adapting some parts of my wardrobe to make the trip more comfortable/ be able to fit my stuff in the locker, and at the same time I've discovered some lines of fitness clothing that i really like to wear. I'll introduce those separately cause you can't see them in these pictures; these are all top-layer sort of photos.

Here are the premises of the bohemian sport style, part yoga class, part 70s gypsy:

- Nylon coat that can be pushed into a locker - check

- Small cross-body bag (cause you're carrying the gym bag too)- check

- boho scarf to make it all a little cooler- check

- leggings that go with everything and are equal parts comfy and glamorous- check

- printed sneakers, easy to walk with, pretty to look at - check

- sparkly headband because in sports bohemian, you always want to add one accessory before leaving the house

dec7 sports5dec7 sports