nov19 margiela4

I've discovered that my compact camera has a really mean flash!

I LOVE IT. Washed out pictures for everyone from now on.

nov19 margiela3nov19 margiela5

I couldn't wait to wear my oversized Margiela jumper. It's orangutan-size, but the fabric is really thin so you can easily tuck the front into your skinny pants so that it doesn't all fall down like an unflattering dress. It's kind of awkward when you're in public and your sleeves come out and drop to the floor though, like it happened to me at lunch. But overall I love it. This whole collection was about conceptual, not practical design.

Am I the only person who bought the belt? It's a really cool belt. Raw-looking faded black leather and it is held at the back with more stretchy strips.

nov19 margiela1nov19 margiela2

And these Prada boots, they are the most comfortable thing in the world. After a few days of Marant these felt like a cloud. Marant really has to release those booties without the stupid 9 inch heel so that we can do productive things in them.

Camera is Olympus XZ-1, I'm using this while my good one is in repair



"We have to create, it is the only thing louder than destruction."

Andrea Gibson, poet