They have so many discounts right now!!

Selfridges is having 20%  (use code SELF2013 at checkout) here are some picks:

These sort of sales are great if you're buying classics, because most of these items never get to 50% and the black classic styles don't even go on sale.

Liberty in London has all their bags at 20% check them out HERE, including Valentino, Alexander Wang...

Also in the spirit of discounts is LuisaViaroma with a whooping 30% all over the store using code CJ30BF. They have amazing things included, these are my picks:



hey. what you upto?

I'm gonna masturbate in the shower and then going to a hockey game

sounds like a plan

I just came back from the Black Friday sales

no waaay so jealous

There wasn't anything good. I got two pairs of socks and a hat

That's probably because you didn't go to the important sections like Valentino handbags

haha..the good stuff wasn't on sale