Yesterday, in Adventures of Barbarella...."Tommy take a picture of me in front of this art so we can see how it looks with light because it's too dark here" mar23 art

Zara shirt, Jbrand coated jeans, Kirkwood heels

Me & Emma. This is my black balloon. I loved the black balloons, they're my favourite. I'm considering sprinkling them all over my ceiling, it seems like a good decor idea.

mar23 black balloon

(I'm wearing Les Beiges de Chanel powder as a finishing powder on my face which I have found gives an impressive soft-focus effect)

Hands of the day...Disco Inferno on my nails and Maria Black jewellery. I gotta say, they are really high maintenance, they fell off every time a guy held my hand. I got tired of having to look for them and ended up losing the big one.

mar23 disco inferno

The always-necessary bathroom shot

mar23 bathroom


C Who is your friend?

DIANA ------, he owns the BOX

C Ooh you fancy him

DIANA No I don't. However I'm gonna go back to hang out with him



DIANA Nice to meet you Nick, I'll call you

NICK Why did you add me as "Nick Guitar 3"? I don't believe you know that many Nick guitars

DIANA Take a look

NICK Why do all your contacts have "guitar" after their name?