heidi klein cream bikiniThere have been a shameful lack of bikinis in this site lately, we cannot let that happen, I profusely apologize

This milky white beauty is by Heidi Klein. I love it, it's my Marilyn bikini white bikini mezannine

These are my neighbours. I caught them in a compromising position, I'm sorry.our neighbours ibiza terrace2terrace1

There was a gorgeous rainbow all around the sun on can imagine how impossible it is to photograph the sun, so you can't see much but you get the was really bright colored in person. It was so beautiful! sun rainbow

This is one of my mermaid bikinis. (Oh just humor me) It's from h&m and it's this season. mermaid bikini terrace3mermaid bikini terrace4

I am currently on my last few pages of Marquis de Sade's 120 days of Sodom on my Kindle. I was marveled at the first 60% of the book, truly mind blowing, surpassed anything I could have imagined in its elegance, excess and humor. It's become violent, furious and unapologetically extreme. The draft/journal mode in which the last three months are written greatly works with the script, because given the level of horror that we reach by the second storyteller, a detailed description is irrelevant. The writing is genius, the macabre humor is everywhere, and yes every time someone loses a limb I get a chest pain. It is not often you come across novels written with so much freedom.

Compared to the story of O…I don't think such comparison exists, on any level, the only thing they have in common is a similar subject (sadomasoquism) but it's not even approached in the same way and the content isn't the significant part of Sade's work, it isn't what stays in your head after you've finished reading. Story of O was a big fat fail for me and I suffered all the way through, all the while obtaining nothing from it other than the odd "boner".