Betty In Red

jan17_redJacket: Rick Owens // Leggings: Helmut Lang (similar) // Boots: Rag & Bone // Bag: Saint Laurent // Sunglasses: Rayban

Some of you have already seen my little red bag on Instagram, I couldn't resist posting a preview when I got it last week. Today is her debut on the blog. I've been waiting patiently until it would stop raining to do a Betty + biker jacket combo, I think it's the sexiest thing ever. This bag was kind of a surprise, I had never paid much attention to the Betty, but then I saw this red in a magazine and totally fell for it. It's been years since I bought that red Chanel bag and then returned it because the red was not the right shade, and I missed having a red bag so much...I haven't come across another red I cared for until now. Once I decided that I wanted this one and this one alone, it was quite a mission to find the silver hardware, which is seasonal, while the gold is widely available. And as much as I love gold chains against black, for this bag I was set on silver, it's so chic and cool against this tulip crimson.

As with everything, even in its scarcity I had to manage to find a couple to compare the leather and choose the best, and believe me, I saw a couple of ones that were quite subpar. Shop the Diana way: Ask for a new one, then ask for another one exactly like it, then see if they can just understand that you want to see them all. This can take hoooours but you end up choosing the greatest stuff.

I'm working hard at editing my wardrobe this month, going through all my storage and selling what I'm not using. It's soooo worth it. Quality over quantity always. I have accumulated a lot of clothes and handbags I got on sale, and they were great finds but it gets to a point where you realise that you're spending your money either way, and you're not getting what is really useful to you. In the end I was still missing the stuff that I really dreamt about, and had all these things I wasn't excited to wear taking up space. Right now I'm not messing around, you gotta be ruthless, I love what I collect but I'm not attached to it, so either it stimulates me or it's leaving. (check out my Vestiaire Collective account to shop my wardrobe)

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I caught a picture of me when I dropped my sunglasses on the floor :P. You know when you have that awkward half-second moment of shock as something that could crack falls off your hands, I actually shout OUCH when I drop something, like I've hit my own head on the floor


Nice story: The Betty bag gets her name from Yves Saint Laurent's muse Betty Catroux. I always like doing a bit of research when I buy something, and as I was looking for vintage pictures of the brand guess what, all Heidi Slimane has done with the rebranding is bring back the retro. His shop was always "Saint Laurent", in that same typeface that it has now. It changed in the 80s along with Chanel, and now it's back to its roots and it couldn't look better.