1. Natural

I've been really into natural this month. I guess that came along a) because of Fashion Week where they do that a lot and b) because the weather was good, and sun makes it much easier to reject artifice. The light is everything, and when the light and the temperature is right you just don't need very much to feel alive.

Here I'm wearing NARS Vanessa. Nothing else on the face. Vanessa and especially Anna have been my "hero" colours since this lipstick line launched. Vanessa is the perfect "nude", while Anna is the perfect "dark nude", with the perfect intensity, and a refreshing, violet-tinged hue of rose.





2. Blush

Blush has had a resurgence in my life this season. I've been reaching for: Shu Uemura PK02, NARS Unlawful, Bobbi Brown Pale Pink. I prefer cream products but I can't stay away from NARS.

I've been wearing a lot of pink on my face. Here I have on: Ellis Faas E301 in the inner corner of the eye, Ellis Faas 105 eyeshadow on the rest. Blush is Shu Uemura, Lips is a stain of either Rouge d'Armani #400, or YSL Rouge Pur Couture 207 Les Mats. I like Armani #9 or Kevyn Aucoin Minimal lipliners for this kind of rosy lip. And just mix it up really well. Even for reds I'll use one of these, it makes it a little messier and gives it more dimension. You know I like my lips to look like I've ran onto a giant cherry cupcake!


3. Silver

I blame this one on the catwalks..I just loved that shade of silver a lot of designers were using, worn with no mascara, and combined with either a rose lip or a red for stage/going out. I've just enjoyed playing around with it

I love this look, I've worn this a lot. I'm wearing RMS Buriti bronzer (OBSESSED), Chanel Epatante shadow, NARS Vanessa lipstick

mar20z  mar20x



Which leads me to..

4. Brows

I have tinted my brows! For the first time in my life. The beginnings were quite awkward, I had multiple consultations at several brow bars, one of which rejected me for "being under 18 and without a parent". All was good in the end, I've been doing a mix of brown and black, and we leave it literally no time, like a few seconds and take it off. I am SO excited about my brows I can't tell you. I tasted brow heaven last year when I was using Rapidbrow and it made them darker, but eventually I became allergic to it, and my brows returned to their invisible selves. So tinting was the way to go...of course I've never used tint on my hair, I had to go through the whole process of checking for allergies...Anyway. It's all good now. I'm getting them done every 3 weeks. They really don't last that long. This is me right after a tint, with the tint still on my skin (it comes off after a wash)



It's great because I don't have to pluck them or anything, they're all natural so it saves soo much time. I don't do ANYTHING to them now! no shaping, no drawing in...Just breeaaaathe.

Lips are YSL Les Mats 207


5. The not so serious

I've just really enjoyed playing around with stuff and not being so rigid. I've worn blue on my eyes (Illamasqua Anja) with red on my lips (Armani 400) ..and shimmer. I've worn a lot of shimmer, on my eyes, shimmer powder on my cheeks...highlighter! Sometimes lots of mascara and sometimes no mascara at all!


What's everybody loving right now? : )