Beach Favourites - Polysianes by Klorane

This comes three months too late for my northern hemisphere readers but I thought I'd do it anyway.

All the products in this line are incredible, from the way they're packaged, to the way they look, to the way they smell like monoi oil and tiare. Some of my favourites:

The monoi oil in the glass bottle: I use this all over hair, smells delicious, makes the skin glow and the hair glitter and tames the frizz.


Creme fondant: As an after sun, oily rather like the oil, and again, exquisite

SPF10 Nacree sunscreen: This has microglitter particles and a mother of pearl shine, cooling sensation plus the signature tiare scent and a low sunscreen. Such a luxury to apply this at the beach!


They're more expensive than your regular Nivea but not prohibitively so, and soo worth it.

I have yet to find out if these are available in London.