aug21 shirt

Here is my latest addition to my jersey skirt extravaganza: the red Helmut! I love it. The top is also by Helmut and I love it too, it's a lilac color and the shapes layer very well.

I've been so much into jersey and casual-luxe sort of things...I used to think it wasn't worth the cash but now I'm totally converted, they make all the difference and it's what I wear the most. People often ask me where I get my tees from so I've compiled a little favourites list for shirt/skirt and blouse basics, I think it's a great reference point. Feel free to ask me any questions about the items, I own most of them. And I always wear the smallest size.

Obviously, these are the best for my body type, different people will prefer different fits. I like my tops to be of a medium length, with quite an open/big scoop neckline, and of a nice material/weight that doesn't lose its shape. I tend to go for blacks and muted colours, and whites generally only if I'm not layering. I like whites with just a pair of shorts. Click on the links because most of these are available in basic colours and not only the one displayed