Shall we demonstrate a simple outfit? Oh, I'm savouring this theme. Few things are more snobbish and pretentious than sports luxe, it's hilarious. And I love a good comedy.

You see the influence everywhere, I hope...The baseball jacket, the duffle-like bag, the legging-like jeans...Everything is so wrong and yet so right. Not showing you the flip flops but in my defense: It's beach volley chic I'm aiming for.



YES! Someone cut her hair off...I KNOW. I LOVE IT! It looks so much fuller.

Jacket: Nike Pinnacle
Bag: Givenchy Pandora
Jeans: Avedon Slick Skinny in Satellite

The jeans need a special mention because these...are the Avedons Slick Skinny Jeans (no surprises there) in SATELLITE! A new (for me) blue colour, which I looove....I'm enjoying these so much, it's just enough colour to be different to the many shades of black and white I own.