It is with much delight that I publish the first installment of Barbarella Sporting Goods (dreamy title provided by MB). There will be many more of these in weeks to come. Probably several during the first day while I'm all excited about it, then progressively less and less until the idea fades into extinction and I become entinced by newer things and deny I ever wore these.


May I present the special edition Barbarella Converse...These are my own design of course. I was dying for some isabel marant colours on a padded hi-top with my name on it. I know, I'm complicated. I think they look drop-dead INSANE!

The maroon interior, the splash of malibu pink(c), the embroidered title, the purple stitching...The subtle and yet fundamental off-white racing stripe. These can be ordered can't be ordered, sorry.


And while we're on the subject of dressing our feet, we might want to take a look at a more revealing counterpart:


Gladiator sandals totally correspond to athletism in case you're wondering. These are from Ancient Greek Sandals, they are fab and I found them at Net-A-Porter.

We've suitably addressed the lower end of figures- our torsos need some attention at this point.

Now, you may argue this is not directly associated to sport but ah..yes it is. It is a splendid, luxurious, thick, soft cotton cropped cocoon sweatshirt. To illustate the luxury connotation of things, I am wearing it with a tiara. I'm obvious like that.


Cropped cotton knit: Paper London. Got this at Glassworks the other day, it's amazing)

I hesitate about how to explain myself with this next one. Hm. This is not so much sport, however, it does have a certain...air about it. Doesn't it? The geometric print or the colours... There's something about it that very much says retro Olympic Games to me.

Vest: Equipment (got this at Glassworks too)

And with that, I should move onto other things. I have a gig and a birthday and I need to try out a new pedal before that. Knowing me its gonna take me about 5 hours to find the right cables interrupted by sushi delivery and phone calls.