I stumbled upon Ballet Beautiful by chance, looking at online exercises I could do using streaming videos, and I remembered I had seen it recommended by a few models. The fact that it's ballet-based immediately caught my eye; I have wanted to take on ballet a couple of years back but the adult classes were more of a novelty than an effective fitness routine. The one by Mary Helen Bowers seemed very promising and very pleasant to do/watch.

Now, I haven't even been able to watch the DVD I ordered because it's in US format and I haven't managed to work out a way around that (I think I might have to crack or convert it? really not sure how to proceed), but anyway I've been accessing her Streaming Video library online, which is very good, and I love that it comes in segments of 15-20 minutes so you can mix and match.

The routine is much like a ballet warm-up class, mixed with the typical fitness mat exercises that you do in Pilates or Tracy Anderson/any of these gurus, with slightly different tempo and arrangement, and always from a very beautiful ballet stance. Which, in itself, makes performing them such a pleasure. They're HARD, but super easy to follow, and it's much too early to know whether this is transforming my body or whether it's even enough but so far so good...My first impression is that it's a good method to mix in with everything else. I enjoy her full body workout and her cardio series where you do standing ballet moves. I also find her butt/hips series effective. I wear my ballet slippers, and my leotard, and it just gets you into character. I really enjoy the classical music she has a background, it's refreshing.

I've always been an admirer of her ballet philosophy - the elongated limbs, the healthy eating, the constant stretching- it really works for me. So I like this method, I plan to continue doing it and doing more.

Feel free to ask me any questions!

Note that I have lost 1kg since I did my last workout catch-up, and that's not to do with ballet, that's to do with diet. Diet has proved to be the most important factor to feel good. I'm really happy with my current weight of 45.5 and just wanna stay there. You can follow all my consumption habits via the app My Fitness Pal where I jot down everything I eat in real time! keeping a diary reaaally helps.