black jeweleryJewelery from Roberto Cavalli, Monica Vinader, Chanel, Rabat and a metal/swarovski hair clip.

I've recently become obsessed with anything black...I think it works beautifully over pale skin and blonde hair. In the midst of Summer I often go through a gothic stage of black jewelery and black nails, I really like it over bare skin, which is difficult to achieve in Winter unless you're Marlene Dietrich in the Orient Express.

chanel earrings black Earrings from Fall 2012, in stores in about two weeks. I don't know the name of this collection, if anyone does, please tell. It comes after Paris Bombay. The Paris Bombay pieces are amazing by the way - the headpieces...!. Chanel really impressed me this season, they are innovating and moving with the times; for a fashion house this big and expensive, that's remarkable.


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