Avalanche @ Low members club



It was my friend's party last night so of course we all came down to support


I looove this makeup, I'll do it again and take some decent photos of it tonight.

Here's me posing for a different camera


Me and Marcus


Meeeee and some people I don't know. The photo was supposed to be of those two guys, but camera man said "join them!". So now it's clearly about me


But check out some guests...I totally went around looking for people to snap..

The back! Makes me wish I had one of these. I want one these. Where can I get one?


I like this girl's style


I'm pretty sure I know the guy on the left but I can't remember his name..Sorry. I did take your photo cause I thought you looked elegant.


Funny story of the night...I was walking around everywhere thinking..gosh that guy smells so good. Gosh that guy smells so good too. And after a while, you know I think it was me!!!  (Agent Provocateur L'Agent, by the way.)