Victoria and Diana's adventures

[at the cocktail bar. Over loud music. I don't know how we got to this]

Diana - Why don't you guys take your shirts off?
Guy1 - Okay [peels shirt all off]
Guy2 - Man what are you doing?
Guy1 - We have to take our clothes off

Diana - Why are we not filming this?
Victoria - I'll get the camera

Victoria to Guy1- What are you doing?'re taking your shirt off ...okay

Guy1 - So..what are you girls doing tomorrow?
Diana - tomorrow....hmm...I can't remember...I think we're busy tomorrow
Guy2 - Hahaha you don't even pretend, do you!
Diana - haha no

Victoria - why did he take off his t shirt??
Diana - I told him to

[they leave, come back, leave etc. We get invited over by two other guys from a nearby table]

Guy4- Would you girls like a drink? what would you like?
Vic- Sure i guess!
Diana- yea...
Vic- Red wine for me please
Diana- I don't there a  menu.?.
Vic - She always does this
Diana- what do you think? I think i'm gonna go for the Canadian Apple
Guy4 - An apple?
Diana- It's a cocktail. I'm not literally gonna sit here sucking on an apple while you watch

Guy4 - I'm getting the impression that you're quite the crazy one
Vic - I thought we had established that at the beginning of the conversation

Victoria - Now we're gonna go to get a kebab because we're hungry

Diana - Let's play poker.
Guy2 - We don't have cards.
Diana - But you have money don't you?
Guy2- Yea
Diana - That's all I'm after. Get it out and let's bet stuff!