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I love this quote, I am trying hard to follow this. I think this should be my 2013 resolution.

Other good ones to keep in mind:

"The commonest thing is delightful if only one hides it" Oscar Wilde.

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Onto frivolities, shall we?

I found these Brian Atwood "Adara" leopard pumps forgotten amongst the size 37 70% off shoes...destiny?

jan12 brian atwood adara leopard

There are several things I like about these shoes, things I always look for in my party foot wear:

- They hold your feet really steady

- They are tall enough to be tall (5 inches)

- They have a good platform so the arch is not that steep

- They are very solid, very good quality, they look like they're gonna last through many a dance session

A girl should always have this little mental list when shopping for shoes, or you're gonna end up with some unwearables.

QOTD (Texts)

I have a call from you. Watsup

Where are u? I was in Camden

In Selfridges spending time with my problems

Ok chat later

H&M leather skirt and little denim skirt. The leather skirt is a UK6 which fits me great, and the denim skirt is TINY! Can't wait to wear it : ) I like that I can usually trust H&M to make a UK6 that fits. Can't say the same thing about any other high street brand, they all run huge, including Zara.

jan13 hm leather skirt

I really like this outfit, it was quite cool. I'm layering LOTS because it's FREEZING! And I've discovered that a washed silk layer is very effective: warm and stylish.

Equipment shirt, Rosamunda wool top under that, Zadig sweater over it, Isabel Marant belt, J brand Zoey Jeans, Marant Dicker boots

jan12 equipment shirt

Kooples neoprene skirt. i love how it flares out, so girly

jan13 outfit

Fox coat is a must when it gets really cold here

jan13 outfit2

To finish....

I can fit into my favourite dress again!

jan12 hm dress

You'd think my favourite dress is Versace or something but no, my favourite dress is a fake leather bodycon that I found years ago in H&M on sale. I ADORE this dress, I've worn it so much, i have the best memories. Perfect look, fit, length. If only it was real leather.

The thing with me and dresses is - most of them are not comfortable for dancing? I need a dress that I can move in. I can't for the life of me find dresses, at any price, from any brand, that are sexy and comfy and can be washed if someone pours a whisky blueberry over you. In short, a party dress that functions as a party dress.