And the Christmas sales start...

I popped into a couple of places and picked up a few functional presents for me..nothing crazy, just the kind of basics I pick up on the sales..pair of shoes, a shirt, black jumper.

This tee, because it was made for me:


As you may have noticed I've been wearing my Zadig & Voltaire jumper every day for the last three months. So I went and got another one. Still black but looser, wool/cashmere blend and snuggly soft. I can see this becoming a new favourite. So great for layering in cold days


FYI grey jeans are coming back so hard, in my life at least. These are Jbrand and I got a 25 because I'm fat. I know I'll get skinny and regret it, but I couldn't pour myself into the 24 right now. I have jeans in all different sizes, I guess it's a girl thing. 

I used to have a Missoni scarf very very similar to this that I wore to death in 2008 (still have it) so when I saw this one I jumped with excitement. love love love the colours. 


And these sexy bad boys, I'm still thinking about them. They were too expensive and they are comfortable but a little taller than I wanted. Alexander Wang. We'll see.