sep19 ams10

My first impression was: BICYCLES! So many of them. There's hardly any cars, it's really funny to see everyone on a bicycle. Oh and men are super stylish here. So many blondes, too

sep19 ams11

The many faces after the flight

sep19 amssep19 ams2sep19 ams3 This is what I did the first night

sep19 ams4 This is me dancing Gangnam Style (not really but sure looks like it). I'm staying at the Toren, it's a boutique hotel it's really cute.

sep19 ams5 There is an AMAZING fabrics shop I found. I could stay there for days. I have so many dress-making plans. I am eyeing a dark green velvet. And one of those stretchy red silk crepes.

sep19 ams6 I also found this shop..I want one of each, I love this kind of stuff it's so exquisite. I tried to get one with my initials but you have to order them. There's so many little shops for very specific things, I love all that stuff.

sep19 ams7 A lager..

sep19 ams8 The old part of town is really beautiful

sep19 ams9

I barely have time for ANYTHING! It's going by so fast and everything closes at 6pm. We went to the red light district tonight which I really liked, but apparently you can't take pictures there, it was really cool. How similar is Dutch to German?? I find it very similar but then I can't really speak German. It's surprising how many people understand Spanish, and really great that everybody speaks English, it makes it so much easier.