Today I'm featuring jewlery. Because Summer is here approaching, and we get to expose more skin -on our necks, wrists, ankles if that's your thing- hopefully very soon.

*crosses fingers*

The more skin you expose, the more dazzling adornments you are able to display on your person. Double win. I was going through mine this afternoon and ended up with these "favourites" that I wanna show you and that might inspire you in some way. I have them placed in this acrylic container. I got it at the Holding Company, no idea if they still have it; I would imagine so.

I tend to like things that are special, and most of the time exclusive. I love getting one-offs handmade in small boutiques, I love custom pieces, gemstones, and things that you just don't see around too much. I like the authenticity of a genuine design.

First set of drawers...

Left: Fine jewelery and favourite rings of the moment. I usually wear a couple of big rings at night and the skull during the day, every day. Right: Bracelets I wear every day. Easy.


Second drawer: Favourite earrings. The Monica Vinader are daytime; all the rest are night-time for me.


Third drawer: Favourite necklaces. This is all from Ibiza and I tend to wear it in Summer...turquoise, lapislazuli, rubies, amethyst and some kind of quartz...I looove gemstones, they always look magical.


And I do have two separate boxes for a) more bracelets and b) Gothic (which is skulls, basically)


Big statement pieces like Lara Bohinc are all in their boxes...