Just a heads up- They have a sale preview at Harrods and I picked this set up, it's GORGEOUS I really recommend it. I'm wearing a 32A/size 1 thong and it fits me tight so it runs small. The sales are gonna start imminently so keep your eyes open if you want something. I like this one cause it's a comfortable, every day sort of set for me, it reminds me of the Love but it has even more detail and is more delicate with all that fishnet. Warning: photo of me wearing the underwear after the jump. Kinda NSFW

jun9 agent provocateur

You can really see that my skin is green in places here haha! Inner arms, underarms..That's the St Tropez Dark effect right there. Will most certainly NOT be repurchasing that stuff.

jun9 agent provocateur2jun10 ap underwear

Agent Provocateur at Harrods at 30% off click here To see the IYLA set at the Agent Provocateur website click here