You may know I hold one of the most respectable collections of pink boxes. Well, with the launch of the new Agent Provocateur Classics, and to celebrate that they recently introduced band size 30 for us elfin creatures (wooot), I decided to take some pics, explain how each fits and show you some of my favourites. Because I'm aware that some girls are intimidated to go into a shop and try everything on, whereas I am completely shameless, so I'll do it for ya. Starting with my most worn, the Love. It doesn't have any padding yet is structured and forms a beautiful rounded shape. It fits pretty tight; I have worn it when I've been at my smallest and it still looked great. If you're bigger you'll see more cleavage. I am wearing a 32A below, although the 30B is a better fit on me and I'm getting it soon

a provocateur love black

It's the kind of bra that takes you absolutely everywhere..from the studio to the club to a romantic dinner. Here it is in cream, you can see the lace better. It's double layered so it feels quite strong:

agent provocateur love

Now a big fat fail: This style is absolutely beautiful but runs a size big. TEASE. This "32A" is more like an AP 34B. Not fair impressed

blue agent provocateurAnother every-day favourite of mine: The Francoise, now in a 30B. It fits incredible and is is soo comfortable. It fits very tight and would accommodate the smallest girls. It's not as structured as Love, but it does have a shape to it, as well as an underwired cup. It's a fabulous t shirt bra, it feels very solid:

agent provocateur francoiseThe Cendrillon is a really great one for evening/bedroom scrabble and of course it comes in many colours (I have it in black&pink). It's very light, stretchy and comfortable. This is also a 30B. I own the 32A which fits fine, but rides up because this is not a strong bra so it just gives and gives- the band is quite weak and 30 becomes very necessary for me in this style. Let's face it, a 28C would be even better.

I'm wearing mismatched panties, those are the Love- the Cendrillon panties are the most beautiful and provocative. They really make the set, you have to see them on.

cendrillon agent provocateurThe following is a full-cup bra that is a new release (the Mercy), and that I wasn't expecting to like particularly because it is recommended for bigger busts. However, on a smaller bust, it looks like such a fabulous bustier! I would actually wear this under a blazer. It is so Dolce & Gabbana, I think it's gorgeous. Again, 30B and fits very tight. Not the kind of bra I would wear to be comfortable though. it is quite stiff, very structured, strong, not very elastic.

agent provocateur bustier