oct7 mermaid agent provocateur Agent Provocateur L'Agent set

I had a little play around with the new "affordable" line from Agent Provocateur. The prices are about half of what they usually are, which is good but still not "cheap" (bras are around 50 and knickers around 26). The fit and sizing is the same which is fantastic, and the designs are less intricate but still a very nice solid quality and just as cute.

The fit is what draws me back to AP time after time, I'm a very small girl and I'm proportioned, and so most underwear brands will either be too big on me altogether, or flatten out my chest. AP's cups are not flatter, they're just smaller. You still get that nice shape and projection, and they are the size of my boobs, not any wider. I just want to make it clear that the fact that I always wear AP is pretty much out of necessity, and not because I'm stupidly OCD about underwear! I do love it, but I also do not find a good fit anywhere else and I don't like compromises. So I'm really, really happy that girls like me now have more options with L'Agent.

I went ahead and locked myself in the changing room with all of the available bras, much to the concern of the sales assistants, and I will say they run true to size- like in the regular AP, some run smaller than others and some fit me better than others. The non-stretchy mesh ones in particular are kind of hit or miss. All of the 32A fit me fine (even though I am technically a 30B). I didn't find these cheap or that different from the regular line in terms of design, colours and construction, but they certainly feel a bit more lightweight, so I bet they're saving on fabrics. The main line has become more and more baroque, most of the pieces now have several lace overlays and moving parts, so that in itself would explain the price difference.

They're selling this line in Harrods, Selfridges in London. I got mine with a discount.